Saturday, October 1, 2011


For some people, tattoos are used as a means to reflect the identity. For Lindsay Lohan, tattoos are a way to motivate himself. Lohan did not hesitate to show off his latest tattoo.

Lohan before pouring the lyrics of Billy Joel on his ribs. Now he returned to carve the words of the same singers in his right hip, which reads, "crystal clear, sharp as a knife, I felt like being at the peak of my life." Parts of the lyrics were chosen because according to Lohan can be motivated to move forward, after the various problems that have been bypassed.

Lohan is a fan of tattoos. He also has many tattoos put on the beautiful body, including a quote from Marilyn Monroe and the word "breathe" on her wrist.

Tattoo of the 'same' which is located on the ring finger. In the photo reads, "All love is equal." It is a form of support for marriage rights for all couples, including homosexuals.

Responding to some of the fans disapproval of his actions, he again wrote, "Where, in the Book, which seeks to judge others? Of course not. God is the only judge. And God is love itself."

Cyrus is one of the artists who loudly in support of gay marriage. Earlier in 2009, he wrote, "Every person has the right to be happy. I am Christian and I love you all, be it gay or not. We are children of God, there is no distinction between one another." The article is a response to the statement Carrie Prejean who did not approve the legality of gay marriage in question and answer session at the Miss USA pagean