Thursday, October 13, 2011


Tattooing has been around for centuries, but never have so varied and predominantly as they are now. There was a time not so long ago that tattoos were looked down upon as something that only criminals and sailors did, but today even soccer moms and politicians sporting this form of body art. For many people around the world, tattoos require a certain fascination and curiosity. Whether beautiful or grotesque, colored or toned, tattoos depth talk about the heart of a person.

History teaches us that tattoos served many different purposes. In Egyptian culture, tattooing was sometimes used as an amulet. Historical findings show that pregnant women often would get a series of dots tattooed on their bellies and religious figures tattooed on their thighs as a way to provide protection during the birth process. Other cultures used tattoos as a way to prove their royal heritage.

A Scythian or Brit without a tattoo was a person of low society. Greeks and Romans used tattooing as marking of belonging ... religious people belonging to their god or slave belonging to their masters. The Maori people of New Zealand are known for their highly stylized and artistic director and facial tattoos. These tattoos represented personal information about the person, their rank in society, their personal history, their skills and their right of passage as a warrior. Finally, many different cultures often tattooed their criminals, so everyone would know of the debt of the tattooed person.

While the reasons for tattooing has changed over the centuries, the design, reasons, and the colors still something different to each person. In today's modern culture, tattoo designs often represent a person dedicated to their loved ones, their country, their dreams, their profession or their art. Tattoos are no longer the simple charm marks of history long past, they are images of life and love exhibited as a priceless painting.

Sleeve tattoos are often one of the most striking and rich person can get a tattoo. Using the arm as a canvas for the images of life, a full, half or three-quarter sleeve tattoo display is a vibrant and creative form of self expression. Many people do not plan to get a sleeve tattoo when they start, but as the years go by and the tattoos to be built, they decided to intertwine all artistic tattoos on the sleeve to form. Others start with a highly targeted desire for a full sleeve tattoo telling a story, show their skill as an artist, or creating a unique identity for themselves create.

Every year, countless people join the ranks of the tattooed person, either from drunken fervor, or real desire to want to have a tattoo. Whatever the reason, we are really a distinct culture. Tattooing has left the ranks of the nobility and history come to mingle among modern humans. Tattoo even in the world of practical and offers women the opportunity to have makeup tattooed on their faces, so they will never fare in the powder room or a visit to the Mary Kay lady. So if a tattoo in your future you will be in good company when man will always be tattoo symbols on his skin as a way of showing the world what kind of person he is.