Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Ankle tattoo tattoo located anywhere between the lower calf and ankle area. Ankle tattoo designs are a popular choice not only among women and girls, but also among men. Some people opt for ankle tattoos, because there are a variety of designs, from which people can choose from. This tattoo looks majestic and beautiful, when placed on the ankle. Tattoos have become popular for other reasons, because they can very easily be hidden using the stockings or socks. At the same time they are also easy to show off. While wearing sandals, flip flops, etc., they can easily be affected as well.

Once the design is flowers, butterfly ankle tattoo for the next all time favorite tattoo design. This design can be bright in color. Symmetry of butterfly tattoo design makes for beautiful. At the same time, it is easy to change the size of this design. You may want to read a foot tattoo for girls.

As quoted by the Times of India, following some of the following tattoos are popular images of women used to adorn his body.

Angel (angel)

Tattoo picture fairy and angels are a favorite tattoo young Indian woman. Picture of angel tattoo has a spiritual meaning, as we know angels are messengers of God. With an angel tattoo a person feel more secure and protected.


Butterfly tattoo on the female body has a meaning within. Usually women who make a butterfly tattoo free spirit. Women with a butterfly tattoo also usually creative, patient, intelligent, loves nature, and very friendly.


Many women who make the flower tattoos on her body. Most tattoos are made in the wrist or on foot. Flower tattooed women generally confident, feminine, attractive and romantic.

Unique symbol

For women who have unique personalities, they usually opt for the unusual tattoo. For example Swastika symbol, Viking, or a letter from Egyptian hieroglyphics. Well, women who work in creative fields such as author and photographer usually like tattoos like this.