Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Rise of Modern Flower Tattoo Design

The history of today's highly detailed and vibrant flower tattoo design is a short, compared with tattoos in general, but they are quickly becoming one of the most popular tattoo design choices among women today.

The reason for the lack of history is very simple. Until the creation of the modern electric tattoo machine, and the addition of a range of new colors, it was virtually impossible for the bright and delicate image of the flower to reproduce. There are indications that the flower tattoo design dates back to the primitive Aztec culture, but the designs were crude and incomplete etching of the Poinsettia, a sacrifice of gratitude to the women of the tribe after a fight, for their help. The women are not actively fighting in the battles, only assisted behind the scenes.

The red rose is the first flower on a large scale are tattooed, first appeared in the early19th century, and many talented artists of that time became legendary, making a name for himself designing rose tattoos, many times to display objects rising from the center of the rose. Some of the more popular links were images of women, more specifically, that of the sailor girl, hula dancer, or Kewpie doll, has celebrated a tattoo design, and a natural choice for salty seamen.

During the 20 years the rose was the flower tattoo design choice, and remained so for the next 50 years, again mainly due to the lack of ink. Today, the Rose Tattoo is experiencing a new popularity born under the category "old school tattoos", but the actual tree in flower tattoo design is directly related to the colors of the rainbow available. Today, almost any flower can be accurately portrayed as a tattoo.

Another popular flower tattoo design today is the daisy, a free spirited return to peace and love movement of the 60s and 70s. Daisies are a symbol of personal transformation, as a sign of innocence, or the new birth of a child. Popular for their variety of colors, the lily is another frequent choice, often the names of passed loved ones in the design, making a big statement lily tattoo obituary.

Also a symbol of immortality and eternal life, the lily frequently appears in many religious ceremonies. More particularly popular for its spiritual and philosophical implications in the Far East cultures, the lotus flower is admired around the world for its delicate beauty. Besides being a symbol of creation and rebirth. First depicted from the blossom of the lotus flower, Buddha is said to have arrived on earth, spreading the virtues of truth and enlightenment.

The cultures of Japan and China describe the fragile peony flower as a symbol of happiness and wealth, a symbol of the delicate balance between risk and reward. In addition, known for its large and fragrant blossoms, peonies also symbolizes wealth, luck and happiness, but also balance and elegance.

As you can see, it's not hard to see why the flower is one of the most popular tattoo designs today. With all the varieties available, infinite color combinations, and deep symbolic meanings, your hardest decision will not be like a flower tattoo is the right option for you, but what. But when it comes, the rose tattoo design remains queen, and today the most popular choice of both men and women, both in memory, love, or just as a beautiful display.