Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tattoo modern

Hearing the word tattoo, a variety of associations come to mind. There is an associate with the sailors, there is also a tribal world imagined is loaded with ethnic motifs full of meaning, and not infrequently the embed tattoos with the criminal world or the world of thugs and sign an exclusive group or geng.Untuk this latter case could even be the case outside common in the 1980's, that is the presence of action "Peter" aka the mysterious shooter. The victims of these Uncle Peter said to the man who has a tattoo on tubuhnya.Tak doubt this many tattoos so Belingsatan owners for fear of being targeted Om petrus berikutnya.Yang already got a tattoo a lot of trying to eliminate and not a few who then actually experienced defects in tubuhnya.Yang have no intention of making new, suddenly torn throw away the idea.

Make the size of the young people today, the tattoo seems to be something fungkeh, especially when more and more celebrities are busy to participate mengguratkan tattoos on his body either permanent or temporary. Kiosks that provide body piercing and tattooing was widespread across major cities around the world, especially the towns close to the centers of tribal komonitas. Call it Bali or rather his Kuta or Sanur close to the community-Lombok Sasak; Kuching in Sarawak which is close to the Dayak community; Melbourne-Sydney close to the Aboriginal community. Additionally metropolitan cities like New York, London, who because of the strength of documentation of civilization also sell tattoo motifs from both the environment tribes in the Pacific as well as Anglo-Saxon root as Vikings.

Tattoo is a work of art to decorate the body with certain images to make it look beautiful body parts. In some areas of the world, such as in Hawaii, India or even in Borneo, tattooing is used as a symbol or a marker of maturity, especially for men in the area.

But some people still consider that tattoos are always associated with negative things. Although many tattoo opinion is wrong, because contrary to religious norms but nowadays more and more people who make tattoos, either permanent or temporary tattoo. In fact, among celebrities, tattooing is a trend, because a lot of celebrities were present tattoo.