Thursday, September 29, 2011


The pouf Tattoos or backrest designed by Maurizio Galante for Baleri Cerruti in Italy. The famous pouf reinterpreted through animal prints. To keep companies and to museums.

Flexible seat or footrest in the form of eggs, a tattoo on CFC-free flexible polyurethane, with a rigid internal structure and basic anatomy of plastic. Eight original photographic images printed on the cover of the technical-bi-elastic fabric. Each image is printed to the bottom of a different color and is offered only in that particular color. An interesting design and attractive seating.

You do not put money, time and pain to get a tattoo to cover it. Friends and family already know you rock your tattoo, but what about the whole world? That is why established. Here, you can send your tattoo pictures so that the whole world can admire them. Do you have a tattoo of a mermaid 3D or traditional, we are waiting for a picture gallery of your own art.

You do not even have a tattoo or tattoos images to become part of We do not discriminate. If you have an interest in tattoos, just join and you can see our gallery is very cool. You can even rank tattoo pictures of others. If you want some inspiration for your own body art in the future, all the inspiration you need is available in Our tattoo gallery has been categorized so you can easily zone in on the picture tattoo that interest you.

You have to love and appreciate body art tattoos and trading skills. If you are looking for cool tattoo related sites - I have put together some great collections for you here. Began collecting about 10 years ago. I have them arranged in easy to navigate categories. AND, in addition, we have an answer to your question and tattoos various bits and pieces of information in our FAQ area. If you have any suggestions, send en email me and I'll review and see whether it is suitable for our site.